About the Journal

Focus and Scope

• Technology of mechanical engineering

• Technology reengineering in machine building

• Addition technologies in mechanical engineering

• Mechanization and automation of production processes; technological problems

• Mechanical processing of materials, the theory of cutting materials, mathematical and computer simulation of machining processes

• Theory of designing machine tools and tools for material processing

• The ability to use tools from new materials

• Systems of automated designing of machine tools and tools

• Mechatronic and robotic systems and complexes

• Physical methods of research of processes of physical and technical processing

• Mathematical modeling of processes of physical and technical processing of materials

• Systems of automated design of technological processes of physical and technical processing

• Standardization, certification and metrological assurance of the quality of mechanical engineering products

Peer Review Process

The International Collection of Scientific Papers "Cutting and tool in technological systems" uses a double blind evaluation process in accordance with an online form of review, in the form of a MS Word document or a PDF file. Copies of articles received at the beginning of the editorial board are considered by the editorial board to determine their correspondence to the aims of the collection, the volume and purpose of the reviewer. Reviewers are leading scientists around the world, whose scientific profile is linked to the content of the articles. For the publication of the article a mandatory condition is the presence of a motivated positive response from the appointed reviewer, which is considered and approved by the editorial board. If the response is negative, then the reasoned conclusion is considered by the editorial board, which either confirms the refusal to publish the article, or sends it to another specialist for re-independent review. In case of both positive and negative reviews, the editorial staff sends a copy and received feedback to the commission consisting of profile specialists for preparing the conclusion, after which a final decision is made. If the review contains substantive objections and suggestions for improving and correcting the article, it is sent to the authors. The corrected version of the article is returned to the reviewer for making a decision and to prepare a motivated conclusion about the possibility of publishing the article. The decision to publish a revised version of the article or to send it for additional review is taken by the editorial board. In case the submitted material is rejected, the editor sends the author a detailed explanation of the deviation. Approved for publication version of the article is sent for editing and computer layout. The final version of the article is in agreement with the author (s) to clarify or correct the detected inaccuracies. Substantial changes to the content at this stage are not allowed.

General Information

The collection publishes scientific articles, which highlight current issues in the field of mechanical processing of modern materials with the use of high-performance technologies, new methods and measuring instruments for controlling the quality of treated surfaces and high-performance cutting tools. The aspects of optimization and mathematical modeling at different stages of the technological process are covered.

Journal History

The International Collection of Scientific Papers "Cutting and tool in technological systems" was founded by the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" (NTU "KhPI"), namely the "Cutting of materials and cutting tools" Department, now M.F.Semko "Integrated technologies of mechanical engineering" Department, in 1966.