Gyula Varga, Viktoria Ferencsik


This paper deals with the experimental examination of surface micro-hardness improvement ratio in burnishing of external cylindrical workpieces. The material of the examined workpiece was AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel. In our experiments, we investigated the sliding frictional burnishing of an outer cylindrical surface when the burnishing tool had a diamond material-grade spherical tip. Using the full factorial experimental design technique, we aimed to determine how the changes in burnishing parameters, i.e., burnishing speed, burnishing feed, and burnishing force effect on the changes of surface micro-hardness and surface micro-hardness improvement ratio. Based on examinations, the best burnishing parameter combination could be selected.


AISI 316Ti austenitic stainless steel; slide diamond burnishing; micro hardness; improvement ratio of micro hardness.


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