Industry 4.0, clustering, heuristics, decision-making, routing


Nowadays, the development of higher efficient processes and procedures is the key for success in industrial environment. The companies have machines, production lines, software and hardware tools with high level principles of efficient working. Example: the Industry 4.0 concept use the machines and methods of the near past, upgrade them, and gave them new purpose, as a more efficient tool. Some of the bases of those tools are not as efficient as which many would think, like in group generating or in other word clustering. Clustering is a very hard process, and it is in almost every decision making in every company’s lives. It is important to sometimes examine its significance and flaws. This paper presents the clustering briefly and shows its errors through an example.

Author Biography

Peter Veres, Institute of Logistics, University of Miskolc, 3515 Miskolc

Associate professor, Institute of Logistics, University of Miskolc, 3515 Miskolc, Hungary



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Mechanical processing of materials, the theory of cutting materials, mathematical and computer simulation of machining p