Waste production is an indispensable human process that happens daily in all communities. With the population increase and the industry developments, the waste amounts are growing, and their treating processes are taking a bigger share of the transportation and handling tasks in the city logistics. These waste collection, transportation, and treatment are described as waste management has been investigated and developed especially with the various application, solutions, and developments in the logistics, transportation, and industrial areas. Also, with the higher attention to the environmental impact in the different areas, the green aspect of waste management takes more importance particularly in city logistics where congestion occurs regularly. Within this work, waste management is analyzed in Europe generally and Hungary specifically. Eurostat database is used for that purpose next to previous research work tackling this topic. Also, a comparison between the waste management operations in Hungary and Slovakia is discussed to show the difference of these operations’ developments between the two countries between 2014 and 2020.

Author Biographies

Mohammad Zaher Akkad, University of Miskolc, 3515 Miskolc, Hungary

Doctoral student, Institute of Logistics, University of Miskolc, 3515 Miskolc, Hungary

Dr. Bányai Tamás, University of Miskolc, 3515 Miskolc, Hungary

Associate professor, Institute of Logistics, University of Miskolc, 3515 Miskolc, Hungary


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